The 4 Most Common Characteristics of Successful Sales Professionals


Sales is an exciting career because there is always room for improvement. Whether you’re practicing new sales skills or adjusting your approach entirely, sales reps must be open to change. Top performers get to the top because they accept feedback, internalize it, and then apply it to get better. That’s why coachability is the number one characteristic of successful salespeople.


Being a great seller isn’t as much about your product knowledge as it is about your ability to communicate the value your product will bring to your buyer. To show real business value, a sales rep needs to first understand the buyer’s challenges and problems that define their current state. Uncovering these things requires a curious person who can tactfully get to the why.

An Innovative Spirit

When you think of a top-performing sales rep, you may not think of a great innovator. However, when there are continuous changes in market conditions, technology, and so much more, innovation is crucial to a sales rep's success. Even if you’re killing it today, the tactics and processes you’re using will become stale and out of date, making innovation important.

Work Ethic

Plain and simple, sales requires a strong work ethic. It’s not just a lot of work — it’s an always-on role. This means you need to be available when buyers need you and, in those few days that slow down, having the drive to continue prospecting and keep the pipeline full. In sales, the scoreboard resets every quarter, which means a successful sales rep has to be okay with starting over, and over, and over…



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